Electoral Boundary Redistribution

Final boundaries have been determined

Attached are the final report of the Electoral Boundaries Commission and the map showing the new electoral districts for southern British Columbia. Planning is already underway to prepare for the next general election when the new boundaries go into effect. At that time, the House of Commons will go from having 308 Members of Parliament to 338.

Canada's federal electoral map is changing

Every 10 years, after the census is conducted, the number of electoral districts and their boundaries are revised to reflect population shifts and growth. Your electoral district – which is where you live and vote for your member of Parliament – may change as a result of the redistribution process.

Ten electoral boundaries commissions have been established. They operate independently in each province to propose new boundaries, consult with Canadians and create the new electoral map for their province.

Local Impact:

As a result of significant population growth in my riding of Nanaimo-Cowichan and others, I expect that there will be at least one new seat on Vancouver Island. British Columbia is slated to receive 6 more federal seats overall.

This means that things could change in the following ways:

  • Your electoral district may be renamed
  • Your electoral district's shape and size may change
  • Your neighbourhood or town may become part of a new electoral district
  • Your neighbourhood or town may be joined with a neighbouring electoral district


The British Columbia Commission has released its proposals for BC's new federal electoral map.

The Commission's mandate is to set electoral boundaries so that each electoral district has a population as close as reasonably possible to the provincial electoral quotient, taking into account communities of interest or identity, historical patterns and a manageable geographic size of electoral districts.

To view the proposals, please view them here: http://www.redecoupage-federal-redistribution.ca/content.asp?section=bc&dir=now/proposals&document=index&lang=e

The map viewer (on the right hand side of the webpage) is a useful tool for viewing the changes.

Public Hearings:

The British Columbia Commission is holding public hearings to gather opinions on the proposed boundaries and electoral district names. These hearings are your opportunity to participate in the process of redrawing the electoral map.

If you would like to submit a comment or particiapte in a public hearing, you must submit your name and contact information to the Commission by August 30, 2012.

 Please visit the Commission's website to find the hearing you wish to attend and to learn about how to take part: http://www.redecoupage-federal-redistribution.ca/content.asp?section=bc&dir=now/hearings&document=index&lang=e

Futher Information:

For more information, please visit the Commission's website at: http://www.redecoupage-federal-redistribution.ca/content.asp?section=bc&document=index&lang=e

Please continue to check my website as I will continue to post updated information here.